Having covered many technical subjects, I then look at the body from a technical point of view which can provide some interesting new insights to ponder.

     To start with the whole body is an amazing machine made up of some 250 different types of cells, yet all created from just one universal cell called stem cells which is accomplished by changing the stem cells program according to the master DNA program. 

So then, if you learn to keep just one cell healthy, then you can keep the whole body healthy. 

    What steps to take? Consider a fish tank? You need clean water, a proper acid level, oxygen and food.  So lets take a look at these subjects.


     The ideal water should be rich in minerals and slightly alkaline.
If folks would drank enough water, then most sickness would be eliminated.


     This balance is very important and most folks are too acid, mostly the result of not drinking enough water to keep the system flushed out.
    Most vegetables being alkaline help to keep this balance and exercise will help pump the acids and toxins out of the system, because the waste disposal system of our body works by the movement of our body. The body has three fluid systems the blood, the lemp system and the spinal fluids.  The blood moves by the pumping of the heart, where as the pumping action of the other two systems depends on the bodies movement. So the more you move the better.
    All life produces acid. Take for example the earthworms and other life in the soil they to produce acids. The old time farmers would taste the soil and if too acid, then after the harvest they would burn the residue which created ash which is very alkaline and neutralizes the acid.
For the same reason they give race horses baking soda to neutralize the acids and the horse feel and run better.  We do the same with anti acids. Our bodies use calcium to neutralize the bodies acids. So then with a good supply of calcium the body works good but with a lack of calcium the body has to steal calcium from our bones and other vital parts of our body.


     Statistics show that people living next to freeways have a higher cancer rate.
One reason is that the carbon monoxide builds up in the blood making it harder for the blood to carry oxygen throughout the body. 
    When they where reconstructing some of the prehistoric birds, they found that the lung capacity was too small, unless the oxygen level was higher back then. Which could explain why in the Garden of Eden, they lived a 1000 year life span. 
    There's growing evidence that water vapor in sunlight becomes charged, making it easy for the body to brake this water into hydrogen and oxygen, both strong cleaners and a fuel supply for the body.
    Also it has been discovered that many of our white blood cells produce hydrogen peroxide which are powerful cleaners.
Also many studies are being made using hydrogen peroxide for healing.


      Bible law offers good advice telling us to eat only the meats of animals that eat the grasses. Also we are not to eat the fish and other life that live on the bottom where heavy metals accumulate.  don't eat meats that can carry parisits. some of these paristies can coat them self's in wax, enabling them to pass through the acid in our stomic, then your in trouble. Also different meats digest at different speeds and some are too fast for good health.
     There are some 100 different types of minerals and of these we need some sixty different types of minerals.  The problem is that it only takes a few types of minerals to grow good looking plants, so that's all that the farmer provides. Therefore much of the food we eat is like an empty box, lacking of minerals we need for good heath.
For example, many vitamins are made by different bacteria and fungus digesting different minerals. This process should be taking place in our nations soils but has been eliminated by too many poisons.  This is why God tells us that every seventh year we are to cancel all debts and let the land rest. This rule keeps the framer out of debt which provides both the money and motivation the farmer needs to build up the fertility of the soil which then  provides good health for all.  This is one of the reasons why God tells us, that if we'll follow his laws, then there will be no sickness. 


    From a technical point of view I see cancer as the bodies efforts to clean house or to gain spare parts. For example, the water within our cells must be perficlly clean for the cells to operate. So if toxic levels around the cell build up faster than the body can eliminate them, then a system is needed to story that waste until the body has time to clean house.
   For example, toxic build up from not enough water intake, too much sugar, not enough of the right minerals. not enough oxygen. too many heavy metals or high acid levels. To deal with this overload the cells can create trash bags to store the waste until the body has time to clean house and the longer before house cleaning begins, then the larger the bag becomes.  On the other hand in the case of a shortage of minerals the body may need to cannobalize some cells from to get needed parts to keep the whole system running.

There can be a lot variations here as to what the body needs. for example if there is a shortage of oxygen, then the cells may change their operation.
For example to get more oil out of algae cells to make fuels, they cut off the oxygen supply, forcing the cell to change their function.

    As for removing unwanted deposits from the body some of the minerals which we should be taking in are designed to latch onto unwanted mineral deposits so that they can be removed from the body. Another back up method the bodie uses is fungus and bacteria to digest things like heavy metal deposit, which then needs to be flushed out of the body, if not, then the cells need to collect this trash until the body can clean house.

   The answers are pretty simple clear but also keep in mind that worry messes things up creating poor digestion, lack of sleep and stress. Therefore one of the keys to good health is to learn that God has things under control.


   A few years ago they where experimenting with oils that did not add weight gain. These worked because the body would no absorb them. The problem was that like a dust mop these oils would mop up minerals before the body could digest them. Then they were simply disposed of with the rest of the bodies waste. 

   So then the oil you choose is important along with considering its age and temperature in cooking. For example, to make a hard resin you simply pump air into hot oil to oxides it and if you do this long enough, then when it cools, it will be rock hard. Or if you pour a film of oil on a smooth surface, in a week or so you can pill it off, that's how oil paint dries. Cold pressed olive oils are always a good choice.  


    The cell is like a spaceship with different size doors designed to let in just one type and size of mineral. Then when it has enough of that certain mineral, the door closes. But also the cell must protect the purity of the water within, so if the water around the cell is too dirty or too acid or alkaline, then the cell won't open any of it's doors and if the cell can't grow and divide, then your going to age before your time. And when you run out of enough minerals, then something is going to brake down and die.