Abraham was giving a promise that his descendant's would become a great nation and company of nations and this was to an everlasting promise.

(See page 5 of this website on America in the Bible)

Also in the book of Danial, we are told that in the last days an everlasting kingdom would be set and never to be destroyed.

There are many signs that America is a blessed nation and having a technical back ground it is clear that America has been the fountainhead of new technologies and that these new technologies are now creating a new America.

So lets start by taking a look at HOMES.

Homes are an important item but they need not be expensive. New materials will enable homes to be molded in place along with homes that can be taken apart and moved if desired. Also there are many new designs. These home will also take advantage of natural cooling and heating. 

These changes have been coming little by little and now as the nation is learning the dangers of leveraged money (which is theft) folks are starting to consider the great wisdom found in God's laws which tells us to cancel all debts every seventh year.  This prevents the debt system from taking root.

A number of good ideas relating to the creation of a new America can be found scattered throughout this website.


    Under Google, type in "APTERA electric cars". This car gets 230 MPG, looks great and performs well. And one thing I really like about it is that is it designed around cottage industrial  technologies. Having molded my own parts in my business, I was fascinated at the simple systems they used.

Then added to that the simplicity and high efficiency of their electric motors. Back in college, taking classes in industrial electrical. We built some AC motors. But then noting the amazing performance of the AC motors used in today's electric cars, this got my curiosity up. What they had done was to replace the  old AC rotor with one containing permanent magnets and I fail in love with the system. Back in my college days the permanent magnets were just not strong enough. 

As an added note, our cells produce motor protein's using a similar system.

     Back in the 80's we purchased an electric car made by converting a Fiat. It was built on electric forklift technology which created a market for the early high powered electronic controllers. Later the Ev-one electric cars used the same system.   As for batteries?  There are some good ones out there now and much better one coming soon.  Because of the low cost and simplicity of electric motors, in a few years everyone will be making electric car conversion kits.

     Toward a new America the home and car are items that are normally expensive but will be dirt cheap and high quality. These built from simple kits  and helping one another, much like the Amish.  Matter fact I see the future world a lot like high tech Amish.  My father grow up on a farm where they had a black smith shop and ice house filled with winter ice and everything they needed, much like the Amish.  So I guess that's in my blood and yet I also love the world of technology.

    I've always liked trains, so I have a real interest in high speed rail. What I see coming down the tracks is a combination rail system using rails much like today's rails but with a flanges out to the sides. This would allow both standard, and high speed, along with magnetic lift trans to all use the same rail system. Also I would like to see large automated track laying systems, because the way it is done now is too labor intensive and slow, where as once a machine is perfected, then copies can quickly be made and we could have nation wide high speed rail in just a year or so, rather then in 10 or 20 years from now.


    As noted on page five. Through the internet free, fun education can be made available to all.  Class rooms are history.


    Why only 12 jury members when through the internet we could have thousands who not only can check the evidence but also choose the vertic along with setting the punishment, then make sure the criminal is completely rehabilitated.


     God gives blessings for going to church and churches offer good fellowship opportunities, plus I would like to see Sunday lunches where folks can get together and get to know one another along with talking about problems and work out answers.  In other worlds use the churches to build community.

As for church differences? The ideas contained on page 3 of my website should clear up a lot of that confusion.


   The basic package as laid out on page 2 of this website is designed to meet the needs of many of the third world. Then once their basic needs are met, most will want to stay in their own countries and also being comfortable, no one will want to go to war.


    Looking into the future and at new materials, most of the needed items can be built in cottage type industries, where the cost of items can be kept low and stuff built to last.


    A lot of food can be growing in home or community green houses and other items razed out in the country.  Take for example some of the dairies where the caws come and go as they please my means of totally automated milking machines.


   I envision a lot of world travel opportunities at very low cost.


   Almost invisible and at a cost of next to nothing...


     Biology was not that interesting, until one day on the radio they were telling about stem cells that could change into any other cell by changing the cells internal programming.  From my technical point of view this was amazing.
    Then came the discovery that some bacteria were driven by micro electric motors and having a degree in industrial electrical and understood of motors and the reality that we are made up of micro machines totally changed my whole world and my future out look became even more positive.

    So then the reason I added this page is that I thought it would be fun to start explaining in very simple terms how these cells work and keep adding in new insights as we unravel the mysteries and glory of our Creator.

So what do we know about cells

For one the whole body is made up of a universal cells called stem cells.  Sort of like needing only one tool in your tool box.

Stem cells can turn off almost all programs to create cell so clear that they can from the lens of our eyes.

Other  cells can be so complicated as to produce micro motors made up of so 250 parts and can run forwards or back words, turning  at 100,000 times per minute. 

 Cells have doors for different elements. For example, doors for calcium that will only accept calcium of a certain size and amount.