ENCOUNTERS WITH GOD

      Encounters with God has built my faith and these experiences could help others to understand the many ways God works in our life's. ---

      Back in my teens a lady was telling of how God had lead her to a Christian mechanic who was able to help her out. And it struck me, gee! God understands auto mechanics and my whole world of nuts and bolts. so that's when I started taking note of the many ways that God works in our life.

                                 GOD HOLDS THINGS TOGETHER

     Back in 1962 at age 18, a friend and I took a 2000 mile bicycle trip which took 22 days and before that trip we had put a lot of hard miles on those early type 10 speed bikes.

     After the trip I felt great but the bike was stressed to it limits, within a week or two of being home, one of the front forks broke, then a few days later the shaft connecting the peddles together broke in half, the first time anyone had heard of that happening.

Looking back some years later, I realized that if I had ridden just one more day on that trip, that bike would have fallen apart just before I reached my goal and back in the 60's there were no parts for 10 speed bikes on the East coast.  So it look's to me based on many other experiences in life, that God had a hand in keeping that bike together.

                             THE BOAT THAT CAME ASHORE

     As part of a mission project I had been working on an old dredge boat to be taken to South America to dredge out some shallow waters which were causing a lot of heath problems.  The boat was anchored a few hundred feet form shore and on this particular day I was unable to get the attention of the night watchman.

    Sitting on the dock and praying a bit I noticed a waves was causing the rowboat tied to the dredge to bob up and down and the rope seemed to be coming untied, almost as if someone was untying it. Then that same wave carried that boat ashore at about the speed I was now walking.  At the foot of the dock I was able to climb down on to a small beach area (very uncommon along that water front) There was no oar in the boat, but right next to the boat was an old broom which worked just fine as I paddled out to the dredge  boat.  I remember smiling at one of the workers on shore, who apparently had been watching this episode.  This event many have played a part in their generous use of one of their boats for many months after we anchored further out into the bay. 

                                 THE INDESTRUCTIBLE ENGINE

    As part of this project I worked on another boat, which was a converted wooden mine sweeper from world war two.  It was 130 feet long and in the 50's used in mission field work up in Alaska.

    One day Cap was telling me the story of the time they were heading north up along the Alaskan coast and starting to pass by a village when one of their main engines stopped, forcing them to pull into port. As it turned out, that village became one of their most successful mission projects.

    As to why the engine stopped? The mechanic found that a bolt had worked loose, dropping into the gears, bringing the engine to an instant stop. The bolt was removed and there was no damage to the engine which was a miracle because you can't stop a 10 foot long engine spinning at several thousand RPM with that much momentum without doing some serous damage. That event made the mechanic and many others instant believers.

                             EVERY DAY IS A NEW ADVENTURE   

    One day by change I stopped by a freighter tied up at the dock after noticing some Christian markings on the side. Talking with some of the workers I found out that they hauled cargo for profit along with carrying mission field supplies for free. So after sharing some experiences, they invited me to see their engine room and pointed out what was left of one of their 6 cylinder diesels generators units. A connecting rod had frozen up, taring luoes from the piston and preceded to punch the engine in half with only the head and crank shaft holding up what was left of the engine. Luckily there were many of those engines, surplus.  The reason I point this out is as an example of how easily cast iron can be broken, which should have been the case when that bolt dropped into the gears as explained in the last story.

    Another problem they had was that their air starter on one of their other generators had broken. So I took it to my shop and fixed it with a wire warp, epoxy and some  machining and they were on their way.  Everyday is a new adventure, so keep moving.


    We were doing some work in Mexico fixing some radio stations to create some extra money to keep our antenna business going. Al had spent a lifetime working with radio transmitters, so this was second nature to him.

    On one adventure in Mexico. We had been bouncing over a number of back dirt roads full of pot holes for a week or so, then just 50 ft after crossing the boarder back into America, we ran over a small speed bump and the car quite, the timing chain had dropped off of timing gear.

                                         THE TRANSMITTER

   On another adventure in Mexico, they had bought a used radio transmitter form Northern California and had it shipped to a radio station in Mexico.

   When we got there we where prepared to make the needed modifications to set the transmitter up to the new radio frequency but discovered that the old radio station had used the same frequency, so no modifications were needed.  A chance of one in a 1000.      

                                    GOD CONTROLS THE WIND

    One day the Navy had given us some surplus fuel, using one of their tug boats to move our old dredge boat to a point where the fuel could be loaded.  Then returned us to the buoy's anchored out in the bay. The old dredge boat weighed 2000 tons and the tugboat was one of their larger tugs and this combination did not stop on a dime.

    Anyway they let me off on the front buoy which was about 12 ft across on top and threw me a pull rope to which a long large 2 inch rope was tied. There was no problem tying the rope. But both boats were still moving forward and it was clear that, that rope could get real tight. And it did, tilting the buoy forward and against the ship where the buoy started rolling along the side of the ship and it was clear that something was going to give, when about then the rope snapped and that was quite a marry-go-round ride, never the less I was able to hold on and we did finally get the rope tied. Then they dropped me off on the back buoy and I pulled in the pull rope and that 2 inch rope was wet and heavy this time. But then the wind changed directions and I was loosing it, but after saying a prayer the wind changed pushing the boats back, just long enough to get a quick knot, then the wind changed again pulling that rope tight the rest of the afternoon. 

                                          FEEDING THE 5000

     Some years later in the antenna business I had sold some 15 antennas over seas and about a year later they called asking if I could come over and show them how to make some repairs, but not to bring anything because of possible problems with customs.

Nevertheless I took a sandwich bag containing a small tube of supper glue, some cord an Alan-wrench and limit switch. Normally when traveling to fix just one antenna, I would take two suite cases full of stuff, never knowing what to expect.

    What I discovered when I got there was that they had not followed the installation instructions and there were problems with all of the antenna's and what should have taken a day, turned into a mouth and a half of traveling all over the country side fixing all of the antennas with just those few parts.  So when we read in the Bible that Christ feed 5000 people from just a few fish.  I don't question the reality of that event.

                                     GOD'S NETWORKING

    One day, Charlie my sales rep called from back East, needing some information and gave me an address. Finding that location I asked for that person, but he was not in but a fellow named Clyde said he would get his phone number. While waiting I noticed in one room, what looked like a lie detector. So when Clyde returned I asked if that's what it was as and he said yes.  So I replied, I have wondered how those machines could respond so fast to just the change of moisture on the skin. And Clyde replied, no the response is at a cellular level. Then he asked? Would you like to see my laboratory? And I said yes, so we  yes walked up stairs where he showed me a number of plants and test proseger's that  provide that plants do have a communication system at the cellular lever and that there is no limits to speed or distance.

    This provided some real evidence supporting the reality of God's communication system. Then later returning home I picked up a book I had been thumbing through and thought? This stuff sounds a lot like what Clyde was telling about today, then looking at the front cover I noted that the book had been written about Clyde Backster and his research with plant communications.   There are many other instance like this which is proof of God's word that  "I will lead you in paths of understanding".

                                 TECHNOLOGY IN THE BIBLE

     Back in the late sixties, there was a growing interest in Bible prophecy and someone had asked if the locust of Revelations chapter 8 represents helicopters.  Being technically minded I took a look thanking, that could be a possibility, but what caught my eye was the description of a shaft going into the earth and out of it came sulfurs burning fumes. Will, I knew that smog was 90 sulfur, so that could represent an oil well. Then in the 9th chapter of Revelation, they were talking of an army of 200 million. Reading on I noticed the last words of that chapter, that were telling that after all of these problems, still the people refused to give up the things they had made.  Well that did not seem logical because if you've just been ran over by an army of 200 million solders, you'd have a lot more things to worry about.

     So I took a closer look at the description of this army who traveled in strength lines and both the riders and their horses were dressed in bright colors. We are also told that the power of these horses was in their mouth and that their front looked like a lion and the back looked like a serpent.  Then John adds that out of their mouths came fiery sulfurs fumes.  Now then, if you were in John's shoes 2000 years ago? How would you describe a modern car.  Back then brown was just about the only color. So logically John would have noted the many bright colors. And he would have noted the cars moving in strength lines. And the eyes of lions could describe head lights.  And the head of a serpent could explain the back of the car with its smaller red tail lights. 

Then under the hood (or mouth) came sulfurs fumes.  Back in the 70's when the smog was quite bad, the worlds population of cars was around 200 million.  Also note that the worlds largest army's was never much over 3 million men. 

     As time went on I found many other references to technology in the Bible.  For example, in the 12th chapter of Revelations we are told of our landing on the moon.         These and many other technical insights are only logical because the Bible is the product of intelligent design.  


    Some years back Max introduced me to his friend who was just leaving.  Anyway a few years later waiting for a friend at the airport, often to pass the time away I will ask someone what type of work they are into. Anyway this fellow was telling me that he worked with the military. Then he said and you manufacture helical antennas and I said yes. Then I recalled our meeting several years before at Max's home. Then he said, in a few weeks we'll be setting up our antennas for a week of testing, so come on up and bring your antenna. Will that turned out to be a real experience for them and myself, in seeing how well our antenna's out performed any of their antennas.

   This offers another example of God's networking and timing, dealing with those who can open the right doors at the right time.

                                    THE GOALS OF THIS PROJECT

     The goal of this project is to make the world a better place by using new discoveries that can help explain many of the great mysteries of the ages and offer a deeper understanding of our creator and the creation process.

     These discoveries as laid out on pages 3 and 8 of this website, were a spin off of my antenna business. Which was the result of seeking to understand God communication system.  These questions then lead to new insights into subjects such as the resurrection process. Now many might consider this subject to be, beyond our understanding. But when you consider the evidence, then you can see the great potential to bring millions of people to know their Creator.

                         UNDERSTANDING THE WORDS OF CHRIST

     Another part of this project is to put the focus back on the words of Christ, which offers the keys to the kingdom which today's youth are looking for. Yet these keys have been over looked by today's churches. Which is explained on page 6 of this website.  

                           HELPING OTHERS TO HELP THEM SELF'S

     Another part of this project is to provide kits, molds and plans, whereby folks can help themself's to a better life. 
     Christ  told us to seek first the kingdom and all its rightousness. So over the years in seeking good ideas I have found many good products to built, plus from my antenna business I learned many production skills. which can be applied to making the world a better place.

                                     PRODUCTION AND SALES

       As for a work force, in America there are some 30 million families without dad's and many of these women would like to work from home, where they can be with their children.  Therefore these new products can be set up for home production and sales.       Also many of these of products are designed to offer more independent living. So then  each new item will offer more freedom for both the sellers and buyers, which could be a large market, when considering the many also seeking more affordable retirement.

   It's all about building God's kingdom.


     One of the primary means of achieving these goals is to produce a series of 3 minute videos for Google or Your Tube that illustrate the concepts on this website. 
     A three minute time span seems to be best for reaching the million of potential viewers through internet video's, cell phones or i-Pods.

   Then the next step will be to create a longer video depicting the creation process and how it relates to emerging scientific understanding and the building of the kingdom.
this movie should be of interest to many and could provide some good income that can be given to youth groups, who in return will promote the movie that much more. 


     The time is right. As more automation and out-sourcing continues to eliminate job's these sort of ideas can provide solutions and a real niche in an ever growing market.
Where heading in the right direction. As written, "In that day, everyone will live under their own fig tree".  In other words, everyone will experience real freedom, peace and comfort in the kingdom. 

    It has taken some forty years for God to show me this vision and now everything is coming together.


    The car companies want you to be happy, but also they want to sell you a new car.
But you can push the odds in your favor by using better oils and other things. The worlds record for endurance is held by a Volvo with two million miles on it or 200 years of average driving. 

    So what to do? Synthetics oils cost more, but pay for themselves in greater mileage and in eliminating most engine wear.   Also it is a good idea to use the synthetic oils in the transmission and back differenchel.  With regular oils, if the car manufacturer recommends changing the oils every 5000 miles, I change it at 4000 miles. Then as the engine get older I move up a grade form say 30 to 40 weight oil. For the battery water use distilled. Also in the radiator along with the antifreeze use distilled water.
Keep a close check on water and oil levels, fan belts and water hoses and when time to replace them, ask for the best quality hoses and parts.

The timing belt should be change every 60,000 miles depending on the type of engine.

    There are also special oils for older transmissions and gear boxes should be flushed out every 70,000 miles. Also the brake oil should be flushed say every 100,000 thousand miles
    Keep an close eye on the temperature gage as in time the water thermostat will fail but cost little to replace. If the generator fails it is a good idea to replace it with a factory rebuilt.

    Also it is a good idea to use magnetic oil plugs and magnets on the oil filter and transmission.  These will help trap metal particles and greatly cut down wear. Also avoid fast acceleration and high speed driving, as this puts stress on the parts and squeezes out the oil needed to eliminate wear. If you need a new finder or trim, there are businesses that carry these for the auto body shops and the prices are quite low and usually easy to replace.

                                         HOME SCHOOLING 

     A new law for home schooled children could require that moms have the equivalent of a teachers degree. Yet the real question here is the quality of the education, or put another way, is this the level of education employers are looking for?

    So then the answers is one of providing education that works being entertaining enough to keep the students focused and clear enough so that the students can keep moving without getting totally frustrated with died-end or trivia questions.

    So then here is where home schools can take the led. By providing free video downloads of many educational subjects and even proved awards for the most humors, after all education should be fun. Also the students could have fun and learn a lot in making these educational programs.
    Also none home schooled students, wanting an easy route to understanding these subjects, will be checking out the material and in the process can be exposure to some Christian principles.   

   Then to add to the popularity of this material, additions such as making it real easy to find word meanings or providing alternative routes to help explain confusing concepts. Plus a list on the internet of the most common questions and answers.

    In other words. there is no reason way any student should be left behind. or why education should cost the tax payer a penny.

   Another advantage which supports my project of explaining the mysteries of the ages can also help the home school movement. The advantage here is in being able to connect many dots with Gods leading and now being able to see an amazing large picture of the creation process. This also shows where we are going and what fields of study would be good areas to work in. And this sort of vision is very important and motivating. Also here again in the process for considering the bid picture,  many will be exposed to understanding the great mysteries of the ages and the reality of a loving creator.

                         UNDERSTANDING  THE  MONEY SYSTEM

   One day working on a mission field project I met a Professor of Economics and I asked why he was no longer teaching? He replied, In the course of my studies, I found that there were a lot of deceptions in the world of money, but I was not aloud to explain these things to my students. So I left the university.

The Bible tells us that the root of all evil is the love of money. So lets take a look at a bit of the history of money. Then you can see what Christ was talking about and what our main problems are today, along with what we can do about it. 

But first take a look at a short cartoon called "money as debt" listed under Google videos, which will give you some real insight, then we'll take a look at the dangers of getting trapped in debt.

     Back in  Europe there was a time when the price of bread did not change for some four generations and one could meet their yearly needs working just six weeks per year and in their spare time they built many of the great cathedrals.

   But their freedom from debt was not to last as later generations lacking understanding became trapped in debt. 

   The debt system started in Southern Europe and over time worked its way up into the Northern parts of Europe were a group of people called the "Covent keepers" refused to get involved with the debt system.

This resistance led to a bloody 25 year war which motivated many to move to America. But to get to America, many had to go into debt, which brings us an interesting observation by Ben Franklin, noting that in the early colonies, when many were still in debt, there was only glum everywhere, but when they throw off those debts, I never saw such a happy people.

   If you've ever wondered why the Amish choose to live as they do. Coming from Europe they understood too well the trappings of debt and so have chose a life stile that avoids debt as much as possible.  And when they do need to barrow money to buy land, they do so as a community, thus guaranteeing repayment and receiving the banks lowest interest rates.

For more understanding about the problems of debt, check out the video on Google called "Money as Debt"

                                      TECHNOLOGY IN THE BIBLE

                   Is the Bible past history or also written about the future?
    Back in the 60's some were wondering if the scorpions described in the 8th chapter of revelations, represented helicopters? Being technically minded I was curios and in looking around at that question, I also noted the description of a shaft going into the earth, from which came sulfurous fumes. That was interesting because smog is 90% sulfur.
So then, if the Bible was referring to oil, then logically cars would also be mentioned which the 9th chapter described in detail. St John explains in his vision that the riders and their horses traveled in straight lines like today's freeways. And they both ware bright colors. And in their mouths (under the hood) came out sulfurous fumes. And that they had big lights in the front and little lights in the back and John also adds, that these objects where made by the hands of men.

    Revelations describes many things, for example in the 12th chapter we are told that we would put our feet upon the moon. Also that there would be streets and widows of gold. And Revelations also tells of television and radio. And the fall of Babylon in one hour.

    Later I'll add more detail. But to explain a bit of the above. As for landing on the moon, note America in the Bible, listed at the bottom of page 4 of this website.
As for streets of gold? Today's sodium vapor street lights give the streets a golden color, which logically John would have described as streets of gold. Also many of today's buildings are covered with glass which John described as translucent. Also John describes pictures from the sky, most likely television.
Also three times in the 18th chapter we are told that Babylon has fallen and this is repeated (has fallen, has fallen) and that in one hour these two events would happen.
It is interesting to note that the World Trade Centers both fall within one hour. ??

                                   THE OVER ALL PICTURE

     We are told that in the last days an everlasting kingdom would be set up.
     Some forty years ago I started considering the technical advancements of today as the laying of the foundation of a new age or setting up of God's kingdom. A vision that has become very real and exciting over the years. Starting with steam ships, railroads, telegraph. Then the electric light, car's, airplane's, radio, refrigeration, television, computers, chemistry, automation and thousand's of other things, all coming together at an every faster pace. 
    Oil has propelled us to this point in history and opened the doors for cleaner sources of energy. And now as the kingdom comes more into focus, we can see that many items will be built of carbon fiber. We've learned a lot about health and the importance of building up the fertility of our nations soils. Sickness will be a thing of the past. The new technologies will enable one to live very comfortably, free and independent of utilities and debt.  Cars will be electric which can be charged directly from solar. Most of what we have learned and need to know will be laid out on the internet for all very enjoyable to watch. These technologies will raise everyone's standard of living worldwide and there will be no more wars, drugs, crime, or jails. And the government will be of the people and will be very small and highly efficiency.
     How will all of this come about?  Consider the ideas and information on the pages of this website. On page 3 you'll find explanations to many of  the great mysteries of the ages which all point directly to a Creator, providing a new understanding that will turn the nations to the reality of their Creator and bring forth a powerful force to start doing things right.

    Over the years in preparation for this time of events, tremendous research has provided many insights into the creation process, using the tools proved by our Creator to look into the depths of outer space or into the atom.  In many ways you can see that we have arrived and now it is time to open wide the doors and let the light in.


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