Over the last few years a number of important discoveries have been made, one being that the base of matter is programmable, a discovery that explains many of the great mysteries of the ages and clears up a lot of confusing ideas.

     I would recommend that you first scrow through this page and note the many drawings that can help make all of this easy to understand.  

    To help make it fun, I have set this page up like a treasure hunt for you to discover the needed evidence to unlock the treasure.
    And for the half billion video game player's, as you discover that this universe is electrical and digit, plus many other things in common with your video game, you'll discover that the universe offers the greatest of all games called reality plus many more amazing insights.

    As you look through this page and then pages 8 and 9, you'll discover more drawings that help explain many great mysteries.

    To start with today we know that we live in an electrical universe. For example on page 9 you can see large electric arcs on the Sun. The old nuclear theory left much unexplained. Also we can see pockets of gas throughout the universe that light up as electrical currents flow through them.
    Then as we move into the micro world of the cells we've discovered a world of micro machines, all electrical and computer controlled, much like a complex automated manufacturing plant.
    So now we know that the universe is both electrical and digital.
As for data storage, a few years ago in search of ever smaller data storage methods, they discovered that the base of matter was programmable (on down this page, note the title "Crystals as building blocks #6, under that, noting drawing #6)
    To complete our new view of a computerized universe, we need a means of positioning data, not just on a flat screen like a computer monitor, what we need is a means of creating matter in a three dimensional universe.
    An excellent example of this is graphene which is a sheet made up of carbon atoms only one atom thick and invisible to light, plus some other amazing properties that provide insights into the creation process.  On this page you'll find many examples of this  universal grid, even though the over all picture is a bit hard to grasp as yet.
    Now lets connect a number of these discoveries together to discover something  amazing. To start with we know that data can be stored permenitly in the base of matter and we also know that the micro machines within our cells are capable of placing copies of the cells DNA within the base of matter. Which over a life time leaves trillions of copies scattered among the dust of the earth. Then consider the universal grids ability to read that data and create the needed framework to reassemble that data again. And what you have is a means of resurrecting life. 
  For out? No, not if you logically look at what's been discovered in the last few years.

    The reality of the resurrection is very powerful in that it motives one to look beyond their own needs to the needs of others creating a much better world. 

   Have fun on this treasure hunt as you discover much more.
   So, Grab your backpack and after a few instructions, we'll get started.

Along the way, note the words marked in pink, which refer to scriptures where Christ  refers to this age which also provides that he is one with God. 

    Also along the way keep track of the keys marked in yellow  these will help you to unlock the treasure which is worth more than real gold.

     For thousands of years it has been written in the Bible, "Dan. 12:2" that after we die we sleep in the dust of the Earth. But how was this possible? The key? Recently at Purdue University in search of ever smaller data storage methods, they discovered that the base of matter is programmable.  In other words the crystals that make up the rocks and the dust of the Earth are all programmable. This also explains the mystery of what the Bible calls the book of life. "Rev 20:12"  

      As written "Nothing is hid that will not be made known". "Luke 8:17"

Note. The keys to help understanding the resurrection process are marked in this blue.

     I also recommend that you watch a movie on Google video's called
"The Electric Universe" parts 1,2,3,4 which offers a good foundation to help you understand the electrical currents upon which this universe was created and operates.



                        IT'S ALL SIMPLE LOGIC


       How this adventure come about?  It all started some 35 years ago while working with radio communications and I started wondering how our Creators communication system worked?  At the time I had no idea of all the amazing discoveries I would find as laid out on this web page.  Therefore as you follow this treasure map, keep in mind that this is an adventure, new challenges and ideas. Most are easy to understand, some more challenging, but like any trip or adventure, it opens your mind to new possibilities, even if you don't see our understand it all.  So with that in mind, don't let any obstacles stop you from reaching the end of the trail, then see if you have gathered enough key's to unlock the treasure.    


    Today as we look into the heavens we can see new stars emerging from clouds of hot gases. This was no accident but rather according to complex programming in conjunction with a complex Universal electrical grid work, which we'll taking a look at.

    The top center picture is of a micro motor which are used to propel bacteria, sperm and other living matter. This is just one of some 100,000 micro machines found within each cell of our body, the magic that makes life possible. You could say that our creator is the greatest of all engineers. 

    This is not fiction. Check out the video called "Unlocking the mysteries of life" which you can watch on Google videos .

    Along our adventure we'll take a look at the programming that brought life to earth and the electrical frame work that makes possible the complex interweaving of our bodies and all life. Also the communication system that ties all of life together and by which, "Our Father knows every hair upon our head and every thought before we speak". "Matthew 10:30"

                                HOW IT ALL WORKS                    1                          
     The Bible offers key's explaining the framework upon which all things are created.    Eleven times in the Old Testament we are told that the heavens are
stretched out like a curtain. New discoveries are showing that the fabric of this universal grid or curtain are made up of threads of positive and negative electrical currents all woven together creating magnetic fields that push and pull to give shape and depth to the Universal Grid.
    Over this grid the needed data can be sent to build and control this universe. Much like today's computer's and cell phone networks operate.

     As to the shape of this Universal Gird. It is made up of angles that look like chicken wire, as shown below.

      The above micro designs, revealed by powerful microscopes did not just happen by chance. They are the reflection of the underlining Universal Grid, whereby all things are created and controlled, including the resurrection process.   These structures are made from carbon.   (Like the carbon form burnt toast).  

     The different shapes are created at different temperature levels which you can think of as different vibration levels.  Also note that snowflakes are always six-sided, again a reflection of the Universal Grid.
     In the bottom right corner of the above drawing. Note the shape of the grid work, which covers the cells of our body. This also is part of the cell's communication system.
It is a micro example of the Universal Grid. More information on this gird can be found on page 8 of this website.  

   To gain some insight of how the Universal Grid can set up vibrations to create the vibration patterns of the atoms or different shapes of crystals. Take a look at a Google videos, called "Cool salt". 


     The above picture of rotating clouds at the top pole of one of Saturn's moon's, shows more evidence of this underlying framework, which is similar to a carbon Bucky ball or as seen on a common volleyball.

     The idea of a universal grid may be new to you, but consider? What if you had a 500 piece puzzle, where all the pieces just floated together? Then consider how the 100 trillion cells came together to form your body? And before that, how 100,000 micro machines came together to create just one cell? And before that how the vast quantities of atoms came together to create the base of everything. Which then brings us to the reality of this amazing universal grid, where every atom can be created and controlled.

                     MAKING THE GRID INVISIBLE             2

     Up until recently, little was known about this Universal Grid because logically it was designed to be invisible. How does this work? The treads of currents that make up these electrical fields of the universal grid, just pushes light radiation aside a bit, without interfering, making the grid invisible. 


      If not for this ability, then a great deal of light would be absorbed and all we'd see of life would be a dense fog.

                          OTHER DISCOVERIES                          3

      Another key discovery was that at these micro levels the resistance to the flow of electric currents was greatly reduced. Which could explain why the electric currents, such as make up the atoms and the Universal Grid can flow for Eternity.

     An interesting additional discovery was that when you compress some of these micro structures, you gain an amplification of five times, which could explain how and why the universe keeps expanding.

                             THE FIELD AND DATA                       4

      Below are some more examples of the Universal Grid.  Note the six sides making up this slice of crystal and note the triangle patterns within. 

     Note also the pattern in beeswax. Did the bees calculate this or simply follow the Universal Gird as their guide?



     This Universal Grid also surrounds all living things and is loaded with the needed data to tell the stem cells when to change and what type of cell to become for growth or repair of all life. These cells are carried in our blood to all parts of our body. As written in the Bible, "The life is in the blood".

    The book "The Body Electric" provides a good example of this.  Note the salamanders in the drawing. When a small front foot is transplanted to the tail, the tail's electrical field overpowers it, creating another tail.  But when a larger foot is transplanted, it overpowers the tail's field and continues to grow as a foot.  This electrical field containing a great deal of data is also called an Aurora and is shown in many religious paintings as a halo.

    Another example (top right corner) is our body's ability to detect different elements within our bodies' electrical field to determine whether these elements are good or bad, or detect the presence of others.  In page 8 of this web site, we'll go into more detail on this and other related questions.


      So far on our Treasure Hunt, we've been climbing uphill which may have stressed your brain a bit, and we have another little hill to climb. Then the rest should be easy.

So grab your back packs and lets move on.

                           CREATING RADIATION                     5

      At our next stop, the Bible tells us that in the beginning there was light.  Now light can have a number of meanings. For example, enlightenment or knowledge.  Also light represents radiation which covers a wide spectrum, such as radio waves, light waves, x-rays, gamma-rays and so forth.  So then we could interpret the word light to mean that in the beginning there was a wide spectrum of radiation loaded with the needed data (knowledge) to create the universe.  Or, as summed up in the Bible,"In the beginning there was light." It is interesting to note that in
Geneses 1:5 Our Creator tells us that the word day represents light. See page 6, Topic 37.  

    Following we'll look at one of the ways that radiation could be created by means of the Universal Grid ?

      The key is in that word stretched.  As written, our Creator stretched out the Universal Grid by means of centrifugal force which is why everything in the universe spins.
      For one theory to explain the creation of radiation
, consider a guitar, it won't produce noise or vibrate unless the strings are under tension (stretched out) and if a string breaks, being under tension, it will snap back into a coil or ball shape. (Note the top drawing to the left)  So then, if too much alternating (vibrating) current is applied to the universal grid, then that part of the grid will vibrate to a point of snapping loose and becoming a ball of free energy. The grid then instantly reconnects and again snaps loose, creating more balls of energy at light speed and beyond.
     So then you could visualize the Universal Gird as a giant bubble machine creating  trillions electric magnetic bubbles of unlimited sizes.     Check out  larryspring.com

    How do we know that radiation travels as balls of energy? Take a look at our basketball player. By choosing the correct shape, (the ball) it will bounce at the desired angle, Just as the microwaves hitting a satellite television dish will bounce to the center receiver.

(Note the bottom of page 8 for more information about the creation of radio waves.)

    Now that we've climbed that hill, the path should be easier.
At this stop, we'll look at how the data is created.

     To understand this, let's go back a hundred and fifty years to the early telegraph operators. The code they used was made up of pluses of electric current produced by opening and closing a switch.  This made the clicking sound from the relay at the other end of the line interpreted as letters or numbers. Or a flashing light could also be used to send the same code.

    Now then note the magnified DVD disk shown in the left bottom corner and note that the patterns look a lot like the old telegraph code, shown at the top. Why? Because basically they are the same system. The only real difference is the speed of operation.
For example, it would take a telegraph operator a hundred years to create the needed data to play just one second of today's computer games.  Then, if you consider the micro world of our cells and the speeds they process data, it might take a thousand telegraph operators a hundred years to create just one second of what we call reality or life.
And that's a snail's pace, compared to the much higher frequencies and data rate speeds our Creator uses.


     So now lets head down the path to consider some of the building blocks of life, such as the crystals that make up the rocks, minerals and also play an amazing large part in the operation of life. 

     To start with, in the next drawing, upper left corner. Note some of the interesting properties found in crystals. For example, if you put an oscillating voltage on a crystal, it will vibrate, producing both high and low harmonics, just like a musical instrument. A property used to make DVD's.  Also if you squeeze a crystal, it will produce a voltage (That's what makes some of the kid's shoes flash when they walk.)  If you put a voltage on a crystal, it will expand. Which could explain how our muscles work.  Crystals can also be used to store computer data. (note the # 6 drawing below) This amazing discovery was made at Purdue University a few years ago.  In comparison a digital camera memory chip, can hold 150 pictures, on the other hand a crystal the same size could hold perhaps a 1000 pictures. 

     Why do crystals have these amazing capability? The answer is simple. In a universe built upon layers of computer data, a lot of data storage is needed and crystals being everywhere offer the ideal data storage system.

    When first considering the data storage within crystals I was thinking of the need to rotate the crystal completely around to store data which could be done, considering the many micro motors within our cells, which can spin completely around.  But it would be much simpler be to just turn the crystal back and forth, a movement that protein's go thought in their folding process, which could mean that within every protein a great deal of data could be stored. This to could become the dust of the earth, containing bits of the needed data for the resurrection process? 

    This logically is why a body tries to reject transplanted organs.

    Also on the tails of many proteins are loops. Now a plumber would call that a mistake but an electronics engineer would call those loops antenna's, the means by which the protein's and many other creation's of the micro world receive their data or directions.

    As for a supply of crystals, rocks are made up of crystals and the Earth is made up of rocks, so there is unlimited data storage capacity. Then when we take these crystals (minerals) into our bodies as part of our food, these different types of crystals can be programmed in thousands of ways as needed to create the life. 

Note. The body takes in many of these crystals as "seed crystals" and after placing them where needed, the crystals grow to the needed size.   


      This ability to store data is an important key towards understanding how life came to Earth. How we operate? And how the needed data for the resurrection can be stored and put back together again.

     Before moving on, lets take a look at a few more examples of how crystals are used in the body. (note 41 in the upper drawing) Crystals having the ability to expand or contract which can be used by the body to create billions of micro adjustable filters for many applications.
    Also this same expansion or contraction of crystals could be used to make our muscles move by means of creating the movement of the micro motors called myosin's. For more insight, check out Google video's and type in "myosin's".   Also see page 8 of this website for a closer look at these myosin's.

     From early experiments it was clear that electricity made muscles move and now we can explain how. The micro fibers of our muscles are made up of trillions of micro crystals and when a voltage is applied the fibers making up the muscles will move.
     And even more interesting they've discovered that micro motors are used to generate the needed voltage to move our muscles and when at rest, these motors run backwards to recharge our system, much like hybrid cars.  Also
a sizable part of our wight is made up of these micro motors.   Part of what the Bible calls the hidden things.

    Taking note of these properties within crystals and the mass of them which make up the Earth. Then it should not surprise use that Christ held up a stone and said, "up on this rock (made of crystals) I will build my kingdom". This fore knowledge offers more proof that Christ was the son of God. (This stone is also commonly referenced to the body of believer's.)

                          HOW LIFE CAME TO EARTH                    7

      A few years ago life forms deep within the Earth were discovered that could live off  of the carbons and oxides within the rocks.  And as a by product, this life produced gases, as all life does.  The amount of this life is staggering, if brought to the surface, we'd be wading around in about four feet of the stuff.

     It has now become clear that the gases produced by this life are responsible for creating the atmosphere, oils and waters. (Water being created by combining the two gases hydrogen and oxygen).  It is interest to note that after years of arguing evolution, up till recently no one even had the foggiest idea of where the water's and atmosphere came from, let alone life.  However now it is clear that until the oceans and atmosphere were able to stabilize the Earths temperature, no life could have survived on the surface, which means that life had to start within the Earth.

     So then, there's the answer of how life came to Earth and why we can find life miles down in side the Earth? And if you're still pondering evolution? You might ask how life figured out how to eat the rocks? And who designed the rocks to be edible? 


     So then where did life begin? Rocks are made up of crystals and crystals are programmable. So then the bottom line is that the data was down loaded into the rock (born from above as the Bible tells us) life grow out of the rocks. Take a look at a virus, it looks like it grow out of a crystal and looking at more complex viruses, the question is being raised? Are these the link to elementary stem cells, to which more programming was added, creating the stem call and then all life forms? 

     This idea is not new. Some forty years ago proteins were created by mixing a few chemicals together. Magic? No. The needed data to assemble those proteins was in the Universal Grid. It's sort of like today's computer's connected to the web.   New improvements are offered and many times applied automatically.

     So, it looks like life grow out of the rocks, guided by the data within the Universal Grid to create a vehicle that could carry more data and on up the chain to the level of an elementary stem cell and the rest of the story is in the text books.

    The Bible is not silent about this process. As Christ pointed out, "That God could make men out of rocks". And in the Old Testament we're told "To look back to the rock's from which we were cut out". 

    As to the time it took for the creation process, once the Earth's temperature stabilized, life could have developed at a very fast rate, according to the programming within the Universal Grid.   No trial and error needed.  Looking at the tremendous variety of life up upon this planet, it becomes clear that these varieties where the result of programming, long before the Earth's time and simple down loaded as needed.

                         PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER                  8


     Now then as we reach the end of our path, it's time to line up our keys to see, if we can unlock one of the greatest mysteries of the ages? The resurrection process.


     Our 1st key is the knowledge that we are part of a Universal Grid, where the needed data can be up or down loaded as needed, which the evidence shows. 

     Our 2ed key is that the Bible tells us that we sleep in the dust of the Earth with the data locked up in micro crystals.

     Our 3ed key is the evidence showing that crystals can produce harmonics, enabling  the DNA's date to be reduced into micro crystals to become the dust of the Earth.

     A cells ability to create complex micro motors, leaves no question that this process of reducing data into micro crystals could easily be done. 

    So now we have a means, where by the cell can place it's DNA data within the bases of matter.   This also provides the cell with a working data back up storage system.
Then when the cell dies, that data within the micro crystals is discharged from the body, along with trillions of other copies over a life time to become what the Bible calls the Book of Life.

      Our 4th key. Is proof that our cells have a back up system.  In a resent test both male and female DNA stands of a plant were cut and spliced, yet the seeds still produced off spring of the original DNA code, providing that a DNA data back up system exist.

      Our 5th key? How will all that data be put back together? The answer, our bodies each have their own code, like an e-mail, which is good for the resurrection process but a problem when trying to force a body to accept a transplant, a problem of the numbers not matching up.

      As to finding all that data from around the world and plugging it back into the Universal Grid. How is that possible? Form our own limited experience with E-mail's, we've come a long ways with our own progress in a short time and I don't believe our Creator will have any problem with His system.

      Our 6th key. Will there be enough data to recreate us? A blood hound can track a person down by follows the trail of cast off skin cells and other cells that drop off the body.

So then you can figure, that over a life time you've left a trail of trillions of copies, which is more then enough, considering that you started life from just two DNA copies.

     So then to sum it up.  We know that the crystals within our cells can hold the cells DNA data.  And we know that, that data stored as micro crystals and scattered across the face of the Earth is laying upon the Universe Grid and the gird can read that data to recreate life again.   So there you have the keys to understanding one of the greatest mysteries of the ages, the resurrection process.  If you've never considered these things, then this gives you something to think about and I believe that past generations would have given great treasures for these insights we have today.


                    WHAT ABOUT THE HOLY GHOST ?               9

     Will we have ghost like bodies or physical? When someone dies, we can sence that something left the body, or as they say, the life force has gone, or they gave up the ghost.  Today we know it is simply the bodies electrical field which was loaded with data, that collapsed and disappeared.

    In the past, not understanding this process, the idea of a spirit rising up into the heavens was permissible.

    Then there is the question of what will our bodies be like? Today we know enough about the body to understand the complexity of sight and sound and that a body is necessary to enjoy these things, both now and in the after life. therefore logically our new bodies will be very physical.  

    To make this more clear, note Christ's words, when meeting his disciples after the resurrection. when he said to them, feel my side and hands, now give me something to eat, see! I am not a ghost.

     Now then, here is something else to ponder. Our bodies are made up of some 80% water and about 18% carbon and the rest of the elements make up only 3%. So if you're thinking of a spiritual body, I don't think you could get much closer then what we have now.

     Something else to consider? If we are made up of 75% water, then the logical place for the resurrection to take place, would be in the water, then we'd come up out of the water a new person.  Dose this sound a bit like the ritual of baptism?  We'll see?

     I am just a student connecting the dots and wondering how close with God's help I have come to figuring all of this out. 

     Let me explain a little bit about this subject matter. Growing up in church I was not satisfied with just taking things on faith. Also I had grown up with a handful of tools and I enjoyed learning how things worked which including the Creation process.

    So then some forty years ago, working with radio waves in my antenna business, I started asking questions of how our Creators communication system worked and that lead to answers and more questions, a process that over the years has lead to some amazing insight's as you can see. 

                             THE RESURRECTION OF LAZARUS

    The Bible tells us that Lazarus had been died for a few days which meant that for him to be raised from the died would take a complete rebuilding of his body, which seems an  impossibility. But with our new understanding of how the data can be stored and the universal gird works, making it possible to create, change or moved matter about.
With these insights we have a better idea of how this was possible.

    So lets take a look at some examples of matter being changed. If you talk with people who have been in war situations, there are many stories of divine intervention.
And in life I've seen a number of personal experiences.

    Back in the 60's working on a boat that had been used in many mission field project's. The Captain told me a story of when they where heading up the Alaskan coast one day, when one of their main engines stopped, forcing them to stop a village which turned out to be one of their greatest ministries.  What had happened was that a bolt had worked lose and dropped into the gears of the engine, bringing it to an instant stop. Now this was a large engine some 10 feet long and weighing many tons and that bolt jamming the gears should have shattered the gears box into many pieces, yet there was no damage....