Interesting ideas to ponder, some are in development, some are available and others you can make yourself.  For example, low cost windmill blades can be made from styrofoam, molded around supports, then the buyer can warp and paint blades along with connecting these blades to a low cost generator system and support.

Red dot. This is a simple gravity feed steam turbine and water distiller in one one package which is in the development stage.

Lower red dot. There's a market for those who would like to assembled their own car and save money. With this system, you could easily up graded as you like or can afford.
Also repairs would be easy. A great education for teens and there's a real feeling of security in knowing you can easily fix things.

Yellow dot.  Windmills can be connected together, using gears or belts to feeding one motor.  this system would be good along the edge of a roof.

Green dot. Stirling engines are simple and can be highly efficient and can be driven to produce cold. Also there are steam engines of many designs.

Dark Blue dot top.  This system uses thermo couples, which can convert the heat of a stove or solar into electric power.

Blue dot.  This is a universe motor coupler to adapt to many size shafts. For example, a used car has 5 to 10 electric motors, that can be used in many ways, if they can be easily coupled to something. 

Black dot.  Bats like high dark places and they eat ton's of bugs. So we need to build more bat houses, which may be one way to get rid of mosquito's. 

Purple dot.  Air cars are simple and since there's no heat, the engine could be made out of plastic. And no transmission is needed. The only by product, which is ideal for hot climates is cold air. The range on a high pressure tank is 125 miles and a windmill could be used to compress the air.


Red dot. Burning soil. Years ago it was discovered that a number of elements in the soil would burn, under the right conditions producing a lot of energy.

Lower red dot. Crystals generate electric current when pressure is applied and trees moving back and forth in the wind, provide a power source. This action could also work a pump for air or water.

Yellow dot.  Steam engines do not always need pistons. expanding diaphram can also work, creating a low cost system engine to work with the free solar energy.

Green dot. This is the same system but here used to generate electricity.

Light blue dot. This is a railroad type steam engine, which are a good design and can be made out of pipe.

Dark blue dot top.  Simple plastic tubing, covered with cement and painted black, offers a low cost, solar heat collector, and a plastic cover can be added at cooler times.

Pink dot. These kits have been around for a long time, enable one to make a stove out of two oil drums. The upper drum makes the unit very efficient. 

Dark purple dot.  Creating hydrogen and oxygen from water. Carbon rods out of old zinc batteries work well for the electrodes.  Then when a direct current is applied, hydrogen bubbles will come off of one rod and oxygen off the other. If you put a divider down into the water, then you can keep the gases separated.  Note hydrogen is dangerous.

Light green dot. This is a vacuum solar collector, made out of old florescent tubes.
A vacuum system works even in cold weather.

White dot.  These are iron pipes, about 16" long.  Around these, rolled up news papers, socked in oil can be placed.  The pipes keep the air flowing and help stabilize the fire for more even burning. Rocks also work. With the ad of a small fan and the right temperature, you can burn just about anything, clean and efficiently.

Black dot. A windmill or moving tree can agitate a solar heated tub for cloths washing

Yellow dot.  A berried drum, full of rocks, makes a great muffler.

Red dot center. Rammed earth, with a cement frame, offers a dirt cheap, supper strong home building system.

Red dot top. Planting trees to dived up farmland, slows down the winds, reducing evaporation and adds leafs for building up the soil and other advantages

Blue dot.  The use of air pressure pumped from say a windmill or water wheel can be used in many applications where a gas or electric motor is normally used.

Green dot. This is a simple, low cost air turbine, in the works.

Purple dot.  Termites produce gas and you can power engines with gas.

White dot. They say, half the world doesn't even have a bicycle, this is a solid rubber tire made from recycled rubber to use on a low cost bicycle.

Red dot.  Many cities are next to oceans or lakes and most city's have rain water run off plumbing, which could be used in the summer for pumping cold lake or ocean water to the buildings for cooling.

Yellow dot. This solar heated pool uses salt water, so that no chemicals are needed.

Green dot.  Algae can be grown form the waste heat of power plants as a fuel or food.

Blue dot.  Aluminum mixed with cement will create gas, which will produce lightweight foam cement.




     Edison developed a method of making a better cement and also experimented with cement homes made from portable molds. His system had some problems which can be over come today by using new methods and could bring the cost of a home down to almost nothing and at the same time offer a better home then you can find today.

     Another design, above is a straw dome home that is made almost completely out of straw which will be one of our kits.


  This above home kit is in the works. By standing on one center pole, it can easily be turned around. Also the walls can easily be changed for summer or winter or removed in case of a hurricane.


     How to make a solar collector dish. Use a straight edge and string, as shown to create a dish with the correct angle.

    That angle can then be used to create a paddle that can be moved around a post to shape the dirt. Then over that plastic can be laid and the paddle raised a bit. Then cement added and the paddle used to smooth off the back of the dish.


     A close up of our Sun shows what looks like electrical arc's. Note the bright areas at the base of the arc's.  If these are electrical arc's, then this would explain one of the mysteries of why the temperature is hotter above the surface then at the surface.

     Are these real electrical arc's? It's anyone's guess, because the real source of the Sun's power is still a mystery.  So lets apply a little logic. The Sun is large and it's flames shoot out, say 10% of it's diameter. So then, if we have a burning lump of coal the size of a  tennis ball with flames shooting out 10% of its diameter, it might burn for 30 minutes.
So then we know that the Sun is not made out of coal.  So what if we used a chunk of uranium the size of a tennis ball? It would produce the same amount heat for 350 years.  Impressive? yes, but our Sun is much older then 350 years.  So then, what is it's the power source?
One good answer is that the Sun is a large ball of carbon, into which flow an endless stream of electrons from outer space and these electrons build up tremendous electrical charges.

How then is the Suns temperature regulated? Carbon is the key. When the heat rises, so does the resistance of the carbon which slows down the flow of electrical currents.

     Also there seems to be some nuclear reaction that produce the gases that light up in the electrical arcing which help to creating a brilliant light. This theory explains the Suns long life and if this is not the answer, then what? 

                                                THE FUTURE

    A popular chose will be molded homes that can produced on site in just a day or so. With these sort of molding techniques, homes could be almost free and of better quality then todays homes.

    Car's.  New electric storage units, using capacitors in stead of batteries can provide a range of 500 mile and then be quickly recharged in five minutes. These cars will also be made of carbon fiber for lightness and long life, no rust.

    Much of the food can be grown using community automated green houses.

    For travel, high speed rail will take over a lot short hop air travel because of the much lower operating cost.

    New types of television's well use very little power and last for ever.

     For other ideas, note the pages on Government and also on unlimited resources.

 Check for new items.