If our founding fathers had today's internet, they would not have bothered to set up a Government.  So with that thought in mind, lets start using the internet to put "We the People" back in charge of the Government, just as our new president has suggested. 

    How to do this? The following page offers some good ideas that can cut government cost by 90%. Plus ways that you personally and your community can start putting these ideas into practice.

    A good starting point would be a web page with awards to encourage the best ideas to be pushed to the front. Also a web page to high light any road blocks to these ideas, so they can be quickly be removed. Then as we perfect the system other nations can also down load the programs and best ideas and also enjoy good efficient government.

Folks will donate money to these sort of websites, so cost should be no problem.




       In a well run Government, there should be no income tax. So what are some answers?  The Bible points out that taxes should be collected on your increase, not your income. This encourages the Government to do everything possible to help you prosper, if they want a good paycheck.   Another tip from the Bible. Pay your taxes only every third year. Then on the seventh year all debts are to be canceled and everyone can take a years vacation to relax and plan for the next seven years.
      In following our Creators wisdom, no one looses their property, dreams or vision, which also eliminates the main cause of fighting and divorce.

     Jails don't work. Under God's laws, for most offender's, there's restitution. For example, if an item is stolen, then the theft must pay back three times the amount and if the item can't be recovered, then the theft must pay back five times the amount, which makes it quite clear that crime does not pay. Under God's system the theft is free to work from home where the children and neighbors noting the extra work effort also take note that crime does not pay. On the other hand if a theft refuses to work then he is to be sent to the higher judge up yonder, at which point most would reconsider working off the debt.

     Today's internet can offer a much better jury system.  For example, take the popularity of the CSI television series. The internet now offers "We the People" the ability to exam the evidence and chose the correct punishment.
    There are millions of people across the nation who would love this system and it would save the tax payer's and employer's billions of dollars and eliminate most crime.


     Under the Constitution, the only two jobs given the Government are to coin the money and provide for the common defense. The printing and stamping of new money per person, per year, cost about $3.00, so no complaint's there.  As for the need of a military, a great deal can now be done with remote controlled robots. On the other hand, if we can provide everyone around the world with the means of meeting their basic needs and the ability to get ahead, (as laid out on page 2 of this website) then no one would want to go to war.  Also we've had in operation such things as laser guns that efficiently eliminate missiles.  As for protection, local or national, Switzerland has a great system, where every home owner owns a gun and knows how to use it and no one gets hurt.


      With today's low cost video's and editing equipment, everyone can producer good quality videos and this will change our educational system for ever.  Complex ideas through the use of animation can now be offered as entertainment and entertainment is where the people and money are to be found.
Add to this the video capacity of today's cell phones and I-pods and it's clear that most of today's classrooms are history and more real world experiences will become the new class room.



      Take a look in any 99 cent store to get an idea of the future. Here companies are challenged to produce more for less at amazing prices. You might say that cheap labor is the problem. But take note that most of those items are made by machines that can run
24 hours a day and with machines making machines the prices will keep coming down.
So how's the average person going to make a living? The answer for many is to invest in and promote products that provide more independence worldwide for everyone, which is one of the goals of the many ideas presented on this website.
For example new homes systems that you can build yourself for a fraction of today's cost. Automated green houses, water recycling systems, life time low cost electric cars, using nature heating and cooling, internet education and more.
Buy building things that last and promote independence, folks will have the time to create more ideas for jobs plus time to travel and exchange talents more efficiently.

    Most business would come back to America, if it weren't for all the red tape, health care cost, jury duty cost, taxes, retirement plans, lawyers and pollution fines.
   Other services could handle those things fore better at a much lower cost.
And here the internet opens up many new net working possibilities and ideas.

    What if our money system broke down? The answer? Start a Tally system.
Tally Sticks were used in Europe for some 700 years.  A stick was notched according the value, then split in-half with the King keeping one half, which was called the stock. (Where we get the name stock market) Then every few weeks the pieces where matched up to make sure there were no counterfeit sticks in use.
    So if we needed an emergency money system? Sticks would work, but today we can easily cut thin slices of wood making them easy to handle. Then the value and ID number added. Then broken in half and covered them with clear packaging tape.
The church for instance could keep the other half as proof. The system would work just fine and considering that it's debt free, folks might like to just keep using the system.
But also keep in mind that credit cards have already established an alternative money system which could be applied in an emergency. 



      We like to go places and see new things, so transportation is necessary and new products can cut cost and reduce stress. For example, carbon fibers now offer much lighter and efficient forms of transportation in cars, planes, trains, boats and buses. Also these items can be produced using simpler equipment to promote cottage industry. Then by standardizing the best ideas, we can greatly cut cost and keep things simple.
     Consider the new electric cars and their batteries, which can be made from unlimited supplies of sodium, (part of salt) plus new ways of controlling the electric motors. These cars do not need a transmission or maintenance for years.  They are basically a low cost, pollution free car, that will last forever.  Also there will be a verity of bolt on power packs for extended mileage and other means. Another reason these will be popular is the ability to recharge directly from home power systems, such as solar.  Also as we become more concerned about the environment, we might want to rethink the idea of junking a $20,000 dollar car, when only 5 cents worth of metal is warn off.

    For long trips, high speed rail can be used to reach, say one of six national airports located out in the open country where things are more safer and much lower in cost.  Then in time, high speed plus low cost will replace more flights.


       An ideal car for the 3rd world uses compressed air and is capable of traveling 125 mile per charge. These cars are simple, needing no transmission, cooling system or starter or electric items on the engine. Plus the expanding air provides free air conditioning, ideal for hot climates. For recharging, a windmill pump could be used and the heat generated from compression used to heat the home or water.


    In farming water is a key factor, so what can we do? Before the railroads, hundreds of miles of canals were hand dug to ship goods.  Today using heavy equipment, we could do the same in a short time. Then use these canals to channel normal spring flood waters into holding ponds in the western states to provide reliable water supplies. The level canals level edges could provide an ideal road bed for high speed rail. Also the water canal could also be used for low cost shipping.



      There are about a billion people worldwide, 60 and older, looking at retirement.
In America Social Security has worked but changing economics offer no guarantee's?
So the suggestion has been to seek out private investments, but many of those are over inflated and offer no guarantee's. So then, what to do? The ideal solution would be to invest directly into retirement communities, that utilize the best of the alternatives for self sufficiency, which would cut the cost, next to nothing. Then each park would be owned and run by the people and for the people. Then as this system is perfected, it can become a model for other parks and spread worldwide.
    These parks can be built around large gardens designed for easy creation and up keep, providing a very pleasant atmosphere for work and play. Also to provide a community gathering area. These parks should be designed to create vision and inspiration.

                          INVESTING IN AMERICA

    In America we've always had a day of thanksgiving and have much to be thankful for. But why all these blessings?  Are we a special nation?

                          ANSWERS TO QUESTIONS ASKED BY MANY
  One reason I've included this subject of America in the Bible is that it provides answers to many questions, such as, will my friends and relatives be in heaven? Will we have physical bodies? Where will heaven be? What about predestination? Who are the gentiles? Who are the elect?
When you realize that America is the focal point of the regathering of God's people, then terms such as predestination, the elect, the chosen and so fourth become clear.
Along with answers of where will Heaven be and will we have physical bodies?

                                         A GREAT NATION
    Over the last hundred years we've created the technologies to feed and cloth the world. Along with this we've set the standard for the worlds transportation, communications and now the computer, internet and much more.  Along with this our Creator has provided the means to look deep into the Universe or look into the micro world of the micro machines and atoms that make up life.  And all of this to the glory of our Creator and our amazement and joy.  Just consider for a bit. What if Abraham returned today, he would be totally amazed, even with all mess yet to be cleaned up. 
      Among the nations there's no question that America is the fountain head of new ideas and that we are a great nation. But where did we come from? Who are we? What is our destiny?

     Let's take a look at some interesting discoveries, then judge for yourself. 
      In the Bible we find that Abraham was given an everlasting promise, that his decedents would become a great nation and company of nations.  Also we read that in the last day's an everlasting kingdom would be set up, never to be destroyed and these events would happen at a time when men would quickly travel here and there and knowledge would greatly increase.
  If America is that great nation, then what marks of identification might our Creator have provided?

       The disciples asked Christ what will be the signs of the last days and one of the explanations was that there would be signs in the Sun, Moon and Stars.
In the 12th chapter of Revelation we read of a women with her feet upon the moon and we just happen to be the only nation to have put our feet upon the moon. So I would say that's a good mark of evidence.  Also we are told that this people would be blind to their identity which has been very true.  This nation was discribed in the Bible as being divided by rivers and layed out with straght lines and also to be located between two oceans with the ocean to the West larger.  Also note within the name Jer-USA-lem we find the letters USA.  Our founding fathers saw America as a chosen nation. For example in the 1850's Reverend Pitts stood before congress and laid out 15 points proving that America is that great nation promised to Abraham.  Today there are over 60 marks of identification that have been found and many more to come.

      What was the origin of these people?  Some 600 years before Christ the 12 tribes of Isreal were divided. The tribe of Judah worked mostly in the city and the tribe of Bengermen lived close to the city. Therefore when that area was taken over, these two tribes were taken to Babylon. Where as the ten tribes up in the northern parts were left alone and form there they kept migrating North.

     From the markings on bars of tin we know that there was trade up and down the coast of Europe and we also know that Joseph of Aramathea was in the shiping business and some of his cargo was tin.  So it's logical that a number of the tirbes migrated up the West coast of Europe, adopting new custems and languages along with losing their identity.
     Mean while, as others of the Northern tribes expanded and needed more room, they pushed north up through the Calcucess Mountains and over time as generations passed through these Calcucess Mountains, they gained the name Calcasion's.

    Some time latter the Assyrians took over the area south of the Caucasus Mountians and may have absorbed some of the remaining tribes, which has lead historions to believe that the ten tribes were carried way by the Assiarion's, never to be found again. This is why they are referred to as the The Lost Ten Tribes.
    But consider for a bit? If our Creator was so absent minded to have lost 10 of the 12 tribes? Then you had better start worrying because He may have forgotten where he placed the Book of Life??
       Of the many marks of identification, most marks standout like a neon sign depending on which Bible you're looking at.

      As one Bible translaters said, if I had understood this message of America in the Bible, I could have cleared up a number of passages.

     If we are that great nation promised to Abraham, then this is real good news.
For one thing, other nations have trillions of dollars invested in our nation and finding proof that we are that great nation, promised to Abraham, could provide much encouraging to keep investing in America.  As written on our conies "In God we trust".
Also this could open up a multibillion dollar tourist trade starting in the Holyland's and going up through the Caucasus Mountains and throughout Europe as millions of people start researching their roots.  This discovery should also make since and be profitable to the Musulem world, who understand much of the Old Testement.
    This discovery that the old nation of Israel is made up of just a small riminet and not the whole house of Israel, then clears up a great deal of confusion which many Jewish historians have been trying to point out for years.  So now we can have real peace as these great truths come out.

                                            Getting started

    Many good ideas are already on the internet which need supporting and if not then start your own project.  For example often tax dollars are spent on lawyers at hundreds dollars per hour, yet at the same time there are thousands of retired lawyers with years of experience who could solve many problems form their homes or over lunch, when presented with the evidence and contacts.

    Simply start looking at your community and asking how you can apply these and other ideas. The government wants and needs your help, simply put, we no longer need big government, we can't afford it and now we have the means to by pass 95% of it.
Where living in exciting times, almost heaven.