On our last adventure we discovered some real insights into the resurrection process and other items of interest and there are more treasure's to be discovered, so grab your back pack and lets get started.


      Earlier we talked of the universe being stretched out like a curtain. Which then raises the question of how do you stretch something out, in outer space. Our skinny cow boy with his rope offers an example and take note that everything in the Universe spins, the Sun, Planets, Galaxy, along with the whole Universe. So there's one logical answer.

     In the upper picture to the right, the light and dark rings were discovered out in the Universe. What caused them? They are said to represent what's called dark matter or perhaps better described as more proof of the Universal Gird. It is estimated that this mass or grid work, makes up 75% of the mass of the Universe.



        The drawing to the left, shows a netting stretched over a living cell which is
considered part of the cells communication system.
Note the two cords, or wires hanging out to the side. Also note that they are twisted.
In the world of electricity, wires are often twisted together to cancel out fields around the wires. Also if you have two wires to work with, then you can send more or less of ether a positive or negative current through each wire making that strand ether positive, negative, or neutral. This offers a means of controlling the shape of the gird.
Also at the same time data can be send over the surface of the gird. For example, if you have high speed internet, but no cable or satellite, then the other choice is to send the computer data over the surface of the telephone wires as radio waves.

     In the right hand picture, note the squares that can be seen in the honey cone grid.
The question is, how do you create perfect shaped squares out of angles, as seen in some crystals? The key is to look though the layers of grids at an angle and you see perfect squares.


     As our bodies grow, the programing within our DNA shapes the location of our bones along with every other part that makes up of our bodies.

    In the case of building bones. An electrical framework is set up, that lines up the calcium crystals to grow in a direction that will creating maximum straight.  This is why chalk easily brakes, where as bones, also made of chalk, are much stronger. 


      Creating art work is similar to working with the grid. First you lay things out, then fill in more detail and with the power of our minds we don't need to connect all the lines, plus we can blind colors.  But in the world of electronic or digital art, limits need to be set, such as  dividing up an area into many squares and assigning a number represented a certain color.
     Then to create 3-D images, requires working with many angles. And if you really want to ponder something, consider the tremendous mathematical calculations our minds go though to create sight and the perception of depth.
And you thought you were no good at math.


     In Popular Science Magazine, some years ago, they showed the different voltage layers around the Earth. (And back then, my first thought was the possibility of tapping into these layers, as a source of energy). but why are those voltage layers there? The logical answer is that they are needed to support, or space out the different layers of the Universal Grid that encircles the Earth.  Adding to that, not to long ago in another article, they pointed out that a number of lighting flashes shot straight up, which again raises the question? What pulls that lighting up?

Job in the Old Testament was ask by God.  Job, do you know the path of the lighting and Job replied, no? But today we know that lighting creates carbon trails, which then build in size to carry the massive currents. But how did that lightning trail get started in the first place? This question bring us right back to the carbon threads that make up the Universal Grid. In explaining these threads of currents, it sounds a lot like a new popular theory called "String theory".

    Job was asked some other technical questions, to which he just scratched his head.
But today we can also explain those questions.  In the Bible you'll find a number of references that tell us what time it is and which scriptures refer to which time periods, both past and future.


      Some years ago it was discovered that if you reduced the temperature of a coil of wire, low enough, then all resistance would disappear. Which means that a current flowing in that coil would continual forever and create an electrical field forever, just like a permanent magnet.  Then recently they discovered that in the micro world of carbon, there is no resistance, which means that the current will keep flowing forever, just like in the atoms. Or maybe what we call atoms are really the smaller parts of the Universal Grid. 

      So then in the make up of the Universal Grid, it is logical that in each triangle there's  a current flowing and if they are rotating together, then their fields will combine, or if the rotation is the wrong direction, they'll push away. 

     Note the six sided star pattern to the left and take note that all the currents rotate together, which means that these electrical fields will bond together and not push apart.  

Also take note of six sided star pattern which is also called the star of David and was part of the temple, as will be noted in a bit.


     In the center of the above drawing, you can see a field create around a wire with current flowing though it. Then to the left, note that when the wire is made into a coil, the field takes a short cut by looping around the whole coil, rather then each individual wire.  It is this closing in process to fill in an empty space, that creates a binding force that ties two or more rotating currents together, or on the larger scale, creating the glue called gravity, that holds the Universe together. 

      To the left is another example of this binding process, the result of being able to take a short cut.  Note the strings around the circles. With the addition of more circles, it takes more sting, but each time a little less. 


    How does our Creator know every hair upon our head, or every thought before we speak?  Its all by the numbers, just like all the magic of our computes, which are also built upon a number system.  But the data within the Universal Grid operates so fast that we call it not virtual reality, but reality.

     For centuries many have been pondering the mysteries of "The lost Arc of the Covenant".  Perhaps that mystery can be found in the dimensions given for the Temple and the Tabernacle.  Now ask yourself? If this structure was to represent the House of God and designed by our Creator, then how would He represent himself? Does it not seem logical that the design of the Temple would reflect the design and workings of the Universal Gird and its make up? Now that we have a good idea of how this Universal Grid works, let take a look.

     If you look at the end of the temple (top left corner) you'll see the shape of a pyramid.  There are two coverings reaching half way down with the cords going on down to the ground, these create the over hanging cover. Then the two inside coverings, come one forth down from the top, then drop straight to the ground. These create the enter walls and create a box shape, looking from the end.

     Now note the angles that are seen on the end and how they can be divided indefinitely, just as the Universal Grid can also be divided into smaller and smaller parts indefinitely.

     On the inside curtains are woven pictures of angels and there are 12 of these curtains These angles also look like the angles on top of The Arc of the Covenant, as shown to the right in the upper drawing. These 12 curtains were all connected together with blue cords warped around golden rings.

    These rings could represent the eternal flow of currents with the blue cords representing the eternal electrical fields, which also bind the Universal Grid together or create gravity. Upon which subject more detail will be added later.  

     The blue cords could also represent current flow as seen in an electric spark, which is often a blueish color or blue glow known as like St. Elmo's fire seen as static discharges on the old sailing ships.

    The burning fires in the temple lite by oil not only provided light but also represented the sending of data by means of light or radiation.  Just as written in the beginning of the Bible. "In the beginning there was light" which represents a wide spectrum of radiation containing the needed data to build the universe. This light also represented our ability to communicate with our Creator.  For example take the 10 virgins waited for the bridegroom five did not have enough oil. (understanding) they where simply following rituals, where as the others had real faith and communication with their Creator.  

     If you don't comprehend these next few lines, no big deal.

In today's world of electricity that gold ring and coils could also represent a high quality transformer, which today are used by the millions worldwide.  For example today we use Tesla's alternating current system, which cycles back and forth 60 times per second. Called AC.  If you have an iron core or ring and you wind a coil on it, then as the current raises and falls so will the magnetic field in the iron, raise and fall. Now then, if you wind another coil on the iron ring or bar, that field will also flow into that other coil and if there are less or more turns to a side, then the voltage will be higher or lower. This is why it is called a transformer able to raise or lower voltages.  In Edison's direct current system transformers could not be used and with no way to provide an even flow of power, averaging 110 volts, his system failed.

      As to the Arc of the Covenant, it was a box made of wood, which in that dry climate made a good insulator. Then both the inside and outside were covered with gold as shown. Then two angels where placed on top, with their wings out stretched. And if you look at the diagram, all that would be needed, would be a rod from one of the angels going down to connect with the underside of the lid and what you have, would be a large capacitor that would discharge a large spark, between the two angels. Which was pure magic to the people, Gods power.  Also it was capable of carrying a lethal charge. You may remember reading where one day, well carrying the Arc, they lost their footing and a servant reached up to steady the Arc and got fried. 
This is why the Arc was carried on long poles, with instructions DO NOT TOUCH.  To charge the system, curtains hung along the sides that rubbed back and forth as the the Arc was carried, which built up an electrical charge (like waking across the carpet, then touching the door knob.)  Anyway, ever so often when the voltage built up high enough, there would be a big spark, arcing between the wings of the angles. Why angels and the electrical spark? Angels represented messengers, like today's data sent over wires or data sent over the Universal Gird and the sparks coming off the wings represented the ability to carry data though the air.
     In side of the Arc was the book of the law, which is Gods wisdom given to us, by mean of his Universal Grid and data system.
    In side the temple we find a curtain hanging across the back part, which hid the holy of holy items. This curtain was made up of layers of fabric which could also have represented the Universal Gird work.  And the things behind the curtain being out of sight. (not seen) This could represent the fact that the Universal Grid was designed to be invisible, which has made the Universal Gird, hard to understand and also for us to understand our Creator and the creation process.

Now then, note below the six pointed star that we referred to earlier as the star of David and also remember that these electric currents all flow together, binding this star together and also note that the center part is divided also, which gives you 12 parts, which is an important symbolic number.

Was this the reason that the star of David was placed in the Temple? Some of the names given this star could answer that question, as listed, Infinity, Eternal cycles, Star of creation.

So now, what questions have we left unanswered?